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Cats Reviews

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Average customer review: 3.0 star rating (2.9 Stars)

Number of reviews: 79



5.0 star rating Amelia D from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Many years ago a group of friends invited me to go see Cats at the Forrest Theater. I had no idea what it was about but heard it was very popular at the time. Excellent show!! Costumes, songs and scenery. Glad to have seen this Broadway show. Would love to see it again this year.Amelia

5.0 star rating from Cape Elizabeth, Maine


I discovered Cats the summer of 2017 and found out the Broadway version revival was closing I had to see it fast me and my Dad took a trip to New York to see the show we sat in the high level and the view was fine the lights went out and characters were running around in Green Eyes and there were tons of acrobatics and modern dance moves during intermission you can go on the stage and take pictures and I will Never forget the moment Tantomile waved back at me this was about the BROADWAY production I've never been to Chicago but you should bring your family there are a few pelvic thrusts (one feisty feline Rum Tum Tugger) and a racial slur (Heathen Chinese) but handle it in a creative way take your family if you want to have a great night out!

5.0 star rating Ralph N from Hartford, Connecticut


This was probably the 4th or 5th performance of Cats my wife and I have seen over the years including twice on Broadway and we both think that overall this was probably the best one. The cast was fantastic especially in the ensemble numbers. The dancing and voices all great.

5.0 star rating Hannah from Hickory, North Carolina


This was my third time attending a CATS performance. My first time was at the Peace Center in Greenville, SC. I had a front row balcony seat and was familiar with the TS Eliot ‘s book as well as the music. The second time was at the same theater with front row seats. Last evening, 8/13/19, I was 6 rows form the stage in Charlotte , NC. Once again, I reread the poems before attending the show and am very familiar with music. I LOVED IT!! The cast was younger that previous casts, but oh so talented. They had more eye contact with the audience than I had previously experienced and I thought more facial expression over all. The cast appeared to thoroughly enjoy what they were doing. Very enjoyable evening and the staff at the theater were courteous and very helpful. After reading some of the other reviews I will make this comment, preparation is a useful key to a lot of things, especially musical theater. To the cast, thank you for your hard work and great performance.

5.0 star rating Hutton from Toronto, Ontario


Probably one of the best plays/musicals that I have ever been to!!! The singing, acting, everything with incredible! A once in a lifetime experience!!

5.0 star rating Christopher L. E. from Toronto, Ontario


Saw CATS last night in Toronto .. after having seen the production at Elgin Theatre almost 40 years ago. The cast of course changed and some minor changes, but thankfully the production stayed with the original superb show. The music as always was superb - I could never get enough of Jellicle Cats nor Skimgleshanks nor Mister Mistofelees. The words in Gus the Theatre Cat rings a bell for many of us, as does Memories. These songs result in, Im sure, Im not the only one with tears welling. Totally enjoyed it , will attend again, and hope it returns in the not too distant future.

5.0 star rating Paul Boissinot from Toronto, Ontario


Memories will stay with me a very long time. Grisabella was fantasticly played

5.0 star rating Eric from Toronto, Ontario


Watch it for yourself

5.0 star rating Happy daughter from Boston, Massachusetts


I knew nothing of CATS and bought tickets on a lark for my mom for Christmas. I was advised “there is not plot, just enjoy” and I guess that was helpful! Amazing dancing and chorus engagement in their movements and vocals - the stars were extremely well cast. It was fun and funny with cats creeping through the crowd in parts. And there is a plot actually! It is just extremely simple and sweet, clearly not the point of the show. If you want to just be entertained with an excellent live orchestra, world class dancers and singers in costumes that help you suspend reality, this is your show.

5.0 star rating Dale Mangold from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


I've seen many productions of Cats (unfortunately the recent movie, I know...) Was a pleasure to see phenomenal dancing, singing and very energetic cast. Live theater at it's best. BRAVO to all involved with this production! 😺

5.0 star rating Mark H from Utica, New York


Seen it five times including original cast and these guys were amongst to top two best i have ever seen! Thank you so much. Brought two generations new cat lovers with me. Great Show! Loved, loved, loved it! Great job guys!

5.0 star rating K from Rochester, New York


Mood was excited on entry and elated on exit. The audience enthusiasm brought new heights to the responses of the stage actors. I could feel the support for this cast! Great theatre! Kids were whooping! And dancing in seats. Sept 26 1 pm show Aud Theatre Main St ROC!

5.0 star rating Ed darden from Fresno, California


Every cast member was great. Dancing and corteography the best I have seen

5.0 star rating B. Swain from St. Louis, Missouri


Getting to know a little about T.S. Elliot's poems before seeing the musical helped me understand CATS. I highly recommend anyone who plans on seeing CATS first reads a synopsis of the poems, it will surely enhance your experience. The dancing is phenomenal and the singing is haunting. When Grizzabella sings Memories best have tissues ready. I attended the show with my two adult daughters and a 10 year old granddaughter. My granddaughter felt the music and understood the message much better than some adults. I thoroughly enjoyed the musical and would definitely recommend it to anyone considering going to see it. If you like fantastic and energetic dancing you won't be disappointed and you may even leave the theater with a little more respect for our feline friends.

5.0 star rating Adrian Zeffert from Worcester, Massachusetts


Just saw CATS at Hanover theater in Worcester. Phenomenal, excellent dance, voices, fantastic 'Memories' climax, what a voice. The nicest thing was when one of the actors smiled and waved at a little 5 year old girl wearing a CAT costume. All in all an exhilarating performance! Adrian 80 yrs old.

5.0 star rating Karen Q from Boonville, NY


I have always wanted to see Cats. I have seen on PBS, watched the movie in the theater and now have seen in real life. I love cats in general and and truly loved the play. Thank you for all the talent and for allowing me to share this experience near home in Syracuse.

5.0 star rating Robert Walker from San Francisco, California


Loved it, Hugh energy, tight choreography, truly talented cast. Loved it

5.0 star rating Helen from Portland, Oregon


Everything was superb. Totally enjoyed the whole show, dancing, singing, outfits, stage set up, along with extraordinary lighting extravaganza. They followed Andrew Lloyd Webber to a T..

5.0 star rating Cathy Zander from Minneapolis, Minnesota


Loved the show!!

5.0 star rating Denisha Mixon from Chicago, Illinois


Is to bow, and that I did as soon as I got home to my own little cat. This was the best musical I have seen. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Definitely a childhood dream come true. From the chorus to solos it was by far the most heartfelt and memorable songs ever.

5.0 star rating Vince Rizzo from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina


I saw Cats at the Peace Center in Greenville last night. It was remarkable in all respects. Rum Tum Tugger (Hank Santos) stole the show, but there were other thieves on stage as well. Grizabella sang the showstopping "Memories" with a beauty I can only compare to the performance I saw on Broadway by Betty Buckley. The Dance Team was a standout, and Old Deuteronomy and Gus , as good as can be. I have seen this musical on stage and in the theater, but this performance was worth the price of a ticket. If you are anywhere near this national touring company version do yourself a favor and see the show. I thought I had seen Cats before, but in Greenville last night I saw it again for the very first time.

5.0 star rating Mary Ellen Mills from Atlanta, Georgia


This blew me away! Saw Cats 2 times in the 80’s at the Fox! They were just as good! Love the theatre and Cats! Amazing!

4.0 star rating Person a from Los Angeles, California


Having loved the 80's CATS show I excitedly brought my whole family to this one. My husband did not really enjoy it nor did my mom, my daughter (13) said it was hard to follow and she was not really sure of the story. Overall, it was a really nice day. The costumes and lighting were great, I liked the characters and the performers were well cast. I question some of the directors choices - the long lulls and such. It just was not as dynamic as I remember at all, but the cast did a great job and I had a nice day. Memories is still very beautiful and the performer did a great job of it. She has an exceptional voice and it still brings me to tears. I have to say I have preferred other shows this year and I expected this to be my favorite.

4.0 star rating Chelle Myers from Seattle, Washington


The play was outstanding, awesome and definitely would recommend to my friends. The Dragonfish is an excellent restaurant that is super close. My only criticism of the show on Friday nite would be the political insult at the encore with regard to an orange cat wandering around trying to build a wall. I grow so weary of the constant undermining of our government when you must realize that over 50% of America voted for our current president. Keep it away from which would have been a most enjoyable evening, the reason I subtracted ONE star from this review.

4.0 star rating Bobby from Sacramento, California


I’d never seen Cats staged and (ahem, embarrassing) did not realize it was from T.S. Eliot. This ignorance aside, I was puzzled during the first number, Jellicle Cats. During the break I checked out Eliot’s poem, and some info about the play itself. Was much more involved during the second half. Had I prepared beforehand , the poor acoustics that muffles lots of the group singing would not have been such a bother. The talent was unmistakeable, however, and Grizabella’s solo, Memory, was thrilling. What I did not care for was the overly dark set and skimpy lighting. The battery pack enhanced costumes in the second act were a bit alarming and way too Las Vegas. I’d love to see the production again, and the next time be prepared.

4.0 star rating Tina P from Chicago, Illinois


I saw CATS for the first time over 20 years ago & was excited to bring my little girls and husband this time. The dancing was great, as always. I do remember a stronger ballet dancer for Mistoffelees, so I was anticipating a strong solo from him that never came. I did like the lit up rainbow jacket, but thought it would have been a stronger statement had the lights completely gone out and he was dancing around. Grizabella was so powerful, it brought many tears. Meeting her after the show, I was pleasantly shocked to meet such a young & sweet- voiced young lady. My husband remarked that the 1st act was hard to get into, but the 2nd act was much more lively. He appreciated the many different genres of music offered- opera, classical and progressive rock. My girls enjoyed the dancing and whimsical songs and continue to sing them at home. Overall, it is a family friendly play that can explore the theme of the heaviside layer (life & death) through the whimsical eyes of playful graceful feline friends.

4.0 star rating BW from OTTAWA, Ontario


I can’t believe the reviews by people, saying they are surprised that there is no plot! I agree, this show may not be for everyone, but it’s been around for 30 years - lots of time to find out that it is based on poems by TS Eliot, before dropping money on a ticket. The fact that ALW could string them together to create a show is actually quite a feat. We totally enjoyed it, as did the audience on the night we went.

4.0 star rating Rich. Rock from Columbus, Ohio


Good performance orchestra was excellent. Cast voices subdues and vocals could. E improved. Overall it was great evening out and well worth the time and price. Dancing was above average in fact very very good

4.0 star rating from St. Louis, Missouri


I did love the play but I could not understand the words half the time which was disappointing. I still highly recommend and will see again!

4.0 star rating Rtpc from Atlanta, Georgia


This show is 100% worth seeing. While there were a few technical hiccups, the actors recovered from them remarkably! The dancing was basically perfect and the general vibe of each cat felt correct. Memory was beautifully sung, and I especially liked Mistoffilies performance! Tugger remained the bisexual icon he’s always been- turn up the gay a little!!! It’s 2023! Just a few cons- I’m not sure how I feel about putting white makeup on your black actors faces. Seems like you could adjust the pallet a bit. Additionally, the woodwinds seemed to either not be loud enough or skipping notes. Maybe I’m the only one who noticed since I know this music very well. Some of the cats I know to be middle aged were played by like 22 year olds and I could very much HOWEVER I still think this is well worth your time and money. It is faithful to what Cats is meant to be. Wonderful job!!

4.0 star rating David Klein from Honolulu, Hawaii


I saw CATS at Blaisdale in the 80s. Loved the show. I have seen it since. On June 14 I have to say the dancing was superb. The effects were magical. However, all 4 of us agreed the sound was way too loud. From the 1st number the orchestra was at 10. Where would the singing go? Trying to amplify over the music distorted the lyrics to where they could not be understood. Having opera singers adds amazing range but again the music was so loud it was even more difficult to hear the lyrics. Please consider turning the amplitude down When a show starts 1st number at volume 10...there is no place to go up. This a fantastic show with very talented actors, singers and dancers. This production proved the old adage if the sound and light crew are doing their best one notices them. As for seats, be careful. 2 of our group had row P tickets. They were on the floor. Then buying on line L tickets were in the balcony. With theater smoke view was obscured. This is a great show. I hope they back off the volume and it would be a much better show.

3.0 star rating Lynda from Austin, Texas


This is definitely a production for which I wish I was prepared. Loved the set with all the peeking and disappearing and and visual dimension. Would have loved seeing various cats in the audience but couldn't see that. I'm sure the make-up and costumes were fantastic but from my seats couldn't really appreciate it. Note to self: when seeing it next, buy closer seats or take a pass. The dancing and awesome interpretation by cast in playing their cats was much to enjoy. Stand out performances by many as well as chorus performances I enjoyed. Like many, much of the story got lost in translation--simply couldn't understand the words at least 50% of the time `(Only time this season.) It did help at intermission to read a synposis of what was happening. Wish I had done that to begin with along with a reading scan of lyrics. We always have a great time but would definitely sit closer at next performance of CATS.

3.0 star rating Joanhelen from Albuquerque, New Mexico


Even tho I knew the story, I had several problems with this production. One-I couldn't hear the words from the chorus. Two-the costumes were blah. Three-frankly, all it was was dancing around the stage. Good dancing, mind you, but mostly just dancing and tumbling. We were disappointed.

3.0 star rating Richard S. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Being a director myself, the show did its job. It was entertaining and made people leave the theater smiling. That being said, only a small percentage of the actors were actually feline. The the rest were smiling and giggling on stage and looked like they were fooling around. Kerri as Grizabella was incredible, even though she seemed young she really captured the audience every moment she was on stage. Also we saw the understudy for rum tum tugger, and he did not disappoint at all. He was incredible, best tugger I’ve seen in ages, Zack Berger his name was, look out for him he’s a star. Mungo and rump were adorable, and the girl who played Victoria was really beautiful to watch. Those were the standouts for me. The show overall was fine. Truly lacked heart and magic.

3.0 star rating Keith from Chicago, Illinois


1) The production value (sets, lighting, costumes, etc) was very good. 2) We were in the 10th row center. There were many times when I had no idea what the actors were saying/singing. And it wasn't just me. Others during intermission had the same complaint. 4) Performers were excellent! But one performer (Grizabella) played her role as one agonized cat. The actor's voice & acting were fantastic. But whether this was called for in the script or the director's instruction, it came off as awkward. 5) For me, the musical was hard to take. Some of the numbers were performed incredibly well ("Mungojerry & Rumpleteazer" "Mr. Mistofeleez" and the final chorus). But the other numbers were uninteresting and not memorable for me. I truly have no idea why "Cats" is so popular based on this production. One last thing: A family of four (parents w/ their young kids) showed up 20 min late & ate popcorn f/ noisy bags & talked during the show. Theater is not the movies! Be considerate!

3.0 star rating Ben from Washington, District of Columbia


Saw it back in the 1980s, in Boston. It was magical, with a lot of vignettes that added energy and fun, but there were points that had me drifting away. Pollicle Dogs, I am looking at YOU. Just saw it on tour at the Kennedy in 2019. It was ... less magical. Was the Jellicle Ball ALWAYS that long and boring? It seemed like the vignettes were cut, to make up for more of the never-worth-it plot, and the seemingly interminable ballet. I felt bad for the dancers. They were working their hearts out to entertain me. Their director wasn't. The lighting crew were the stars of the show. This is not a good thing. Ultimately, I walked out during intermission. Life is too short to ensure the Pollicle Dogs a second time. I went home and pet my own cats. Much more satisfying.

3.0 star rating Aneysha from Toronto, Ontario


I was disappointed in this Cats production, no real storyline, just the same type of dancing over and over. I saw Cats years ago it was much better.

3.0 star rating Becca from Toronto, Ontario


The play itself was very well done. Great singing, dancing, sets, costume, production. However, I was bored most of the show... there was absolutely no story line, as I did not expect this with my lack of previous Cats knowledge, but I was really disappointed. Especially for $140 a ticket, you'd expect more than singing and dancing... I didn't know this was a ballet/opera :( Wish I knew this before purchasing the tickets!

3.0 star rating Rebecca Leonard from East Norriton, Pennsylvania


"It was awful, Moxxie. It was about ugly, horny cats!" - Blitzo, 𝘏𝘦𝘭𝘭𝘶𝘷𝘢 𝘉𝘰𝘴𝘴 season 1, episode 6: 𝘛𝘳𝘶𝘵𝘩 𝘚𝘦𝘦𝘬𝘦𝘳𝘴

3.0 star rating CarolV from Denver, Colorado


I've seen Cats 4 time now in 3 different locations. I just saw the May 24th 2022 performance at the Buell. While many of the newly casted main characters were still AMAZING, including Bombalurina, Demeter, Mistoffelees, Munkustrap, Deuteronomy, Mungojerrie, Rumpleteaser, and Macavity, we were truly disappointed in our favorites: Rum Tum Tugger, Grizabella, and JEMIMA. We were quite stunned, actually. The new Tugger (who was supposed to be Zach Bravo, and we were looking forward to that only to be disappointed) is supposed to be to be an overly-animated, persnickety feral tomcat who naturally loves the attention of the female cats, and this actor's performance fell flat. The pure, funny, testosterone-laden personality of the classic tomcat that he is supposed to be was lost in this actor's performance. Grizabella, while vocally superb, lacked the necessary raw emotion of actors past - that was a disappointing stunner for us as well. Another HUGE disappointment was the casting of Jemima. A young innocent cat, her voice has always been clear, true, and angelic - so clear in fact that it cut like a knife, bringing tears to one's eyes. Not this time around. The current actor's voice, while the same necessary high register, was unpleasantly nasal. It really ruined that pivotal part for us. While some may not agree, the integrity of the original production has been compromised to us. Overall, we still enjoyed the performance because we so love this show. But we were sad at the new cast choices that diminished our experience.

3.0 star rating CarolV from Denver, Colorado


While I did not prefer some of the principals in the cast this time around, those who point out below that they did not like the show because they didn't understand what was going on with the plot, consider this: perhaps they should read up on any musical or opera before they attend a show so they may then enjoy and understand the show. The plot of this production was absolutely on par and well done. There are just some casting inadequacies now, as I mention in my earlier review.

3.0 star rating Lucy from San Diego, California


I went to the San Diego Civic Theater last night hoping for an amazing performance. This was my first time and I hadn’t read up prior to the performance what it was about. First, there was no orchestra in the pit. Second, after straining to find microphones on the singers/dancers through my binoculars, I realized there were none. THIS PERFORMANCE WAS COMPLETELY PRERECORDED! Now I understood why the tickets were so cheap. What a disappointment. But I readjusted my viewing lens to taking it in as presented and wound up enjoying it a lot. The music, singing, dancing and choreography were excellent. The program that was given out at the door had no information about what Cats was about. No information about it being entirely prerecorded. But it had pages and pages of droll bio information of everyone connected to the production. When will San Diego become worthy of top flight productions? It’s a long trek to LA.

3.0 star rating Chuck from Greenville, South Carolina


Saw it on Broadway and then again now. My opinion hasn’t changed, it’s marginal. The dancing was splendid and overall the performance was worth attendance. Being a big fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s work, this is just one that I don’t completely get.

2.0 star rating Ed from Seattle, Washington


I just don’t get it. I wanted to, but it’s really disjointed and boring, and the cast mostly seemed to be going through the motions. It’s basicaly a couple of hours of “why I hate cats.” There were a couple of decent performers, but I think the rest of the cast is hamstrung with lousy material. I also noticed a lack of standing ovation from most of the audience, which is a rarity at the Paramount. And when will STG address the lousy sound system once and for all? For those of us in the cheap seats, it’s really hard to understand the performers. On the rare occasion something tickled the funnybone tonight, I couldn’t help but notice the majority of laughs came from the the floor, indicating I wasn’t the only one struggling to hear. This is an ongoing issue, and we are seriously considering not renewing next season because of it

2.0 star rating Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I thought it was me, but others have said the same. I had absolutely no idea what was going on. The play needs dialogue to move the story. It looked schizophrenic. Jumping here to there, up, down, frantic. It was beautifully decorated with the costumes and the setting, but a story was missing. I should not pay, then have to Google the musicaltp find out what was going on.

2.0 star rating Kristin from Chicago, Illinois


I felt that the dancing was completely off. My children who are both dancers kept on telling me how their timing was off. Legs weren't straight on Grands and many weren't getting into character. They went as far to say that they need to work on their technique and practice more times a week. Singing was good. I am wondering if it was a new cast who just didn't understand or become comfortable with their roles. Also, you couldn't understand the words they were saying. The show needs a lot more work. Nothing like the ones in the past.

2.0 star rating D G Hodgin from Charlotte, North Carolina


Would NOT recommend this anymore, unlike I have for 20 years after seeing it on Broadway. The "high tech" ridiculously LOUD pre recorded excuse for music ( that now cheaply replaces the actual real orchestra that we expect with a "Broadway play") not only completely overwhelmed /drowned out the players, but made it impossible to hear actual "words OR lines" in speech or song! (although the players did indeed sing and dance their hearts out superbly!!) Unfortunately, they didn't stand a chance against the "crude ear splitting CHEAP loudness" which now COMPLETELY replaces the magic and rich intimacy that initially made this production so infamous. SAVE your money as you are NOT seeing a real "Broadway" play, but a pathetically cheap imitation, and good luck knowing what's going on. .

2.0 star rating Lou from Toronto, Ontario


A good play should transport you to where it is taking place. Makeup or no makeup, an actor should make you believe that they are their characters. This Toronto production did neither.Out of 12 people that attended I was the only one able to catch some kind of story. It was poorly executed at the beginning. I didnt once loose site that they were just performers in makeup and not cats. Perhaps that is more the fault of the director. Friends in our group has seen other productions in other cities and said that this one was the worst. Avoid taking children under 12 as there are better and cheaper plays in Toronto.

2.0 star rating NRS from Fresno, California


The dancers danced well, the singers sang well and the costumes were nice. But, the storyline, which seemed minimal at best, did not grab our attention. We left the theater at intermission and we were not the only ones. I expected something a little more entertaining from a musical that’s been around for 40 years. In addition to the lack luster musical, we ended up parking on the street when we were informed that it would be $20, cash only, no credit cards and no senior discount. We did not see a sign announcing the increase. And, finally, the requirement to show your vaccination card was a joke. No checking ID’s to if see the card was actually yours or if you were fully vaccinated. If it is to be required, then accurately check.

2.0 star rating Ted from Knoxville, Tennessee


Sadly and surprisingly the audio quality of the performance was so, so poor none of us 4 could understand anything. We walked out at intermission and saw quite a few others do so too. And we had seats in the orchestra section center left.

2.0 star rating J from Vancouver, British Columbia


2nd time watch. I luckily got centre 6th row seats where I can fullly enjoy the performance. Leaving only negative things due to the limitation of the number of characters, the performers didn't seem fully prepared. Comparing to what I experienced before, the performers were just humans dressed up with cat costumes. I wasn't convinced from them that I was watching real cats. When cats are not playing as main characters at each number, they should remain as cats surrounding the main cats in centre, but they didn't seem. Memory, one of the main numbers of Cats were dissapointing. It wasn't even as much thrilling as when I watch the old version on Youtube. Most performance gave me a feeling that the actors and actresses were trying not to make a mistake rather than acting. Many performances let me feel nervous if they do mistakes. Even I noticed some forgot lyrics, shaking legs with balle, 'squicking' dance. I can say only a few of them are fully prepared for the performance this time.

1.0 star rating Abbie from Los Angeles, California


If you like musicals just to hear music, then you will enjoy the show. This had absolutely no story line and besides "memories, no music that I enjoyed. If you want to see humans jumping around like cats and don't mind that there is no beginning, middle, and end to a show, then by all means go see it. I would have rather spent my time and gone to get my teeth cleaned. 3 hours of my life that I will never get back.

1.0 star rating from Seattle, Washington


The show has no storyline, no character development, one set change, One awkward moment after another. The audience did not like it although we certainly tried to engage. The performers play to the back of the stage not outwardly towards the audience. Perhaps it’s an attempt to capture the aloofness of cat behavior? Whatever – after 45 minutes of it, let alone three hours, who cares? The performers except for one razzle dazzle extraordinary dancer, lost track of the fact… Hello there’s an audience out here! And then when they did TRY to engage with the audience, it fell flat. The musical compositions were bizarre – not lyrical, not enjoyable. And anti-climactic - always dwindling out like an ‘oh never mind’ moment. Just super disappointing. It’s like this show is a great starting point ... now they need a director to get in there and create texture and dynamic and some semblance of story. I feel sad for the performers - to have their talents and time so wasted.

1.0 star rating from Seattle, Washington


The actors are talented singers and dancers, but this is a terrible show. I'm not sure how you review that script and say, 'yeah, I want to hop around like a cat for a couple hours'... just a terrible, terrible, boring show. I cannot understand what all the excitement is about. This is not the fault of the actors, they didn't write the show. I'm sure that given the opportunity in other productions they are all fine actors. But this performance is terrible and not worth the time or the ticket price. Do yourself a favor and see a show with an actual story line, plot and character development. This is nothing more than singing and dancing and spectacle making with no substance what so ever. I'm not sure what I expected, but this wasn't it.

1.0 star rating Andrew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Watching Cats was a painful experience. No plot. No acting. One good song (that was repeated 3 times). Good dancing, but if that's what you are looking for go see a dance show.

1.0 star rating from Atlanta, Georgia


I have never even walked out of a movie theater after spending $10 because I’m pretty frugal and I gladly left my $100 seat behind during the intermission of Cats. Not only does this show have no plot, there’s no dialogue, nothing ever happened. It’s one number of singing and dances after another. Perhaps if I was closer I could at least appreciate the costumes and makeup ($100 got me a seat halfway up the balcony off to the side) but there are so many things I’d rather do with my time. Literally the only takeaway I had is that Jellicle cats meet once a year. What’s a Jellicle cat? Good question. I feel like this is a show that people say they like because it’s cool to like it? It’s just not good.

1.0 star rating Jim from Detroit, Michigan


Great job dancing, memory song lady was excellent. Store line was terrible. Had no idea what the play was about. Songs were bad. You will here the words cat and jilico like an1000 time. Actors did well but the sound and storyline Sucked Do not recommend going. Suggest skipping the first half of the play. Second half is much better.

1.0 star rating P. J. Finley from San Antonio, Texas


I saw CATS many years ago at the Majestic and loved it. My friends and I were all looking forward to it. When the show began, I knew the cast was singing, but I was unable to understand most of the lyrics. As far as I could tell, virtually every song in the first act sounded the same and referenced Jellicose cats. The sole exception was Memory, which was beautifully done. There were 5 of us; at the intermission we discovered that we were ALL totally bored and unhappy with the show, and we decided to leave. I have never ever left a play before it ended, but I thought this performance was too bad to sit through any longer - the songs were unintelligible and all sounded the same, and the cats seemed to perform the same movements for each dance. This performance was a total bust. I have never before written a negative review of a play but this one definitely deserved it!

1.0 star rating Liz from Dallas, Texas


We’re huge fans of Broadway and so we obviously looked forward to seeing the legendary Cats. Although we appreciate the dated show for what it was originally, its no longer relevant for audiences today. The scenes have no dialogue to allow the audience to understand what is happening and the singing isn’t loud or clear enough to hear the words. There appears to be no plot, or beginning middle and end to follow from scene to scene so its quite disjointed. I tried hard to find a story line or message, but I would hate to guess. Each scene seemed to highlight a cat but it was still difficult to figure out why (this makes sense if you’ve seen it). The music is obnoxious and the style didn’t fit at all; a 70’s keyboard style that conflicted with the performers singing. The set never changed. The problem is not the performers. The production itself is simply lazy but again, its very dated.

1.0 star rating Liz from Dallas, Texas


Huge fans of Broadway. This is simply outdated and not entertaining. The entire production is no longer relevant for todays audience. Its not the performers, who could do better and move on. Go for the “memories”.

1.0 star rating Anna from Toronto, Ontario


We went to see Cats tonight in Toronto and regretfully, I must say that it’s the most boring show we have ever seen. The performance lack energy and the set looked boring. The only good thing was that they had talented dancers but other than that, the first half actually bored me to sleep. The second half was slightly better but tonight’s show was nothing like the one we saw in London years ago. What a disappointment tonight.

1.0 star rating Lily from Toronto, Ontario


dancers are good dancers. Memory is a good song which repeated for three times. Yes... These are the only two compliments i can find. Other than that... The stage general performance is way below average and the good dancer can not cover up tedious plot. I would strongly recommend not wasting your two and half hours on this show.

1.0 star rating from Toronto, Ontario


I am from Toronto and have seen MANY plays that didn’t cost nearly as much as cats and it was by far the WORST play ever. As a trained dancer myself, the dancing was not in sync what so ever, lacked energy and quality. The same dancer sequences were preformed numerous times. I fought to stay awake the whole show and was so disappointed in the amount of money we spent for this horrible performance. Even though the the story line isn’t amazing, you could not hear a single word or sentence the cast was signing. Absolute worst show would not recommend seeing what so ever!!!!!

1.0 star rating Disappointed from Toronto, Ontario


I see a lot of theatre and I rarely think about abandoning ship at intermission, but that's what I kept thinking. It was painful to sit through this 2.5 hour play. It felt like a disconnect between the audience and what was happening on stage. First half of the play had unmemorable music, seemed disjointed, no plot and no character development. Second half things picked up, but it was repetitive. The song Memory was probably the saving grace, but it comes out of the blue and in the absence of a storyline, it's just a song where you can't really connect it with anything. The song or versions of it also repeat a few times, which makes the play repetitive. I'm surprised this play has been around this long. They had opportunities to make it a lot better than it is. Disappointing for me and my guests. Also for those who pay attention, there's a derogatory line in one of the songs that is off putting.

1.0 star rating Ben H from Toronto, Ontario


Knowing my friend also had tickets days after, I honestly felt bad for them. It was painful to make it to the first intermission so we could leave. No plot, no live music.... just some actors dressed up as cats dancing around singing terrible songs. I was completed shocked and in wonder how this show has been playing for so long.

1.0 star rating Jasper from Toronto, Ontario


Watched the show in Dec 2019 in Toronto. The story is poorly told and the scenes are awkwardly stitched together. The cast was talented enough and I could appreciate the singing and dancing but have a hard time recommending this show.

1.0 star rating Josh from Toronto, Ontario


Boring show with awkwardly put together scenes.

1.0 star rating Lisa H from Toronto, Ontario


I expected this performance to be amazing, I was so excited. Sadly , it was so boring , could not understand the story line, repetitive songs, costumes on some looked more like mice than cats, scene was the same throughout the whole performance . The group of four I was with all agreed the performance was terrible, don’t waste your time or money

1.0 star rating Kathy S from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


After spending $135 for a ticket I thought this was the worst performance I have even seen at the Benedum, the orchestra did not even play and you could not understand anything they were singing. The costumes were beautiful and the dancing was okay but there was no plot that we could figure out. We actually left at intermission which I have never done and there were others doing the same and sharing our sentiments. These tickets were a Christmas gift, I am so bummed the show was not at all what we expected.

1.0 star rating D. from Ottawa, Ontario


No story, horrible repetitive cat/head moves, could sometime not hear the lyrics/words, one of them should be in porn instead of a musical, the lead signer has an amazing voice I can give her that much but cannot act, costumes are awful and I really didn’t want a grown man dressed like a cat purring in my ear in the isle beside me...not what I was expecting at all but to each their own, I respect the opinion and taste of others, just sharing my view of the try and make the best of a nice evening out though.

1.0 star rating Diappointed attendee from Colorado Springs, Colorado


this was by far the worst musical i've ever attended. We left, along with countless other attendees, after 20 minutes. the audio quality was terrible and we had no idea what the story line even was. Don't waste your 90$ on this one at the Pike's Peak Center. disappointed.

1.0 star rating Michelle from North Charleston, South Carolina


I love musicals but I was very disappointed! I prefer musicals with a balance of singing and dialogue but this was ALL singing. It was hard to understand the lyrics. Long stretches of nothing but dancing which was boring! I was looking at my watch wanting it to be over with. Probably the worse musical I have seen.

1.0 star rating from Syracuse, New York


What a terrible way to end the Broadway season in Syracuse. The show was disjointed with shabby costumes and set. One redeeming song. Skip this one

1.0 star rating Daniel Carroll from San Jose, California


It was not fun. I went with my daughters and all the people were doing was crawling around yelling CATS repeatedly at each other. There was no dialogue, ALL singing. The costumes are ehh. So if you want to find out what angelical cats means raise your hand✋. Because what does that mean? Also they did not explain the story. That’s what I think. Not one of my favorite musicals.

1.0 star rating John from Greenville, South Carolina


This was a disaster. Left at intermission. Love Elliott, just not cats.

1.0 star rating Mike Stevens from Greenville, South Carolina


Were the people that rated CATS 5 stars at the same performance last night as I was? My wife and I left at intermission. Boring and repetitive.

1.0 star rating Scott from Greenville, South Carolina


Total waste of time and money

1.0 star rating from Indiana



1.0 star rating NOT A FAN from Vancouver, British Columbia


I havent ever seen it before - I was expecting to be wowed. It was weird. It was difficult to hear the words (sound was muffled and levels constantly changed) the choreography was strong - but they were not in it was a bit off. Instruments were synthesized in place of a full orchestra - disappointing! Grizabella was strong - crisp, clear, as was Deuteronomy. Rum Tum Tugger was muffled and energetic. If you're expecting a story line - dont. Its a group of cats that meet annually for a ball, and one of them gets to die and be reborn. You are introduced to different cats by name throughout the night, but its choppy, not woven together well, and downright confusing. Maybe its the bus and truck tour - but more likely its the show. What was once something unique and different to the broadway stage, now feels dated. The synthesizer music seemed canned, and (In my opinion) this show has blown through all 9 of its lives...someone put the cat out of its misery!

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